So how do I get Involved?

We are a social fishing club based in the Capricorn Coast.

The easiest way to join is to go to:


Once you have joined why not come along to one of our Friday night BBQs or Sunday afternoon weigh-ins and meet the crew.

These are informal social events involving the whole family.

The Friday night BBQs also mark the start of our fishing weekend where there is opportunity to organise to tag along with someone in your boat or perhaps get a spot in a members boat if any are available.

Most of our club weekends are open (that means you can fish anywhere the weather permits and anytime from midnight that Friday to 3PM Sunday).

We do run various competitions, but the focus of our club is strongly centred on enjoying social interactions and banter.

Our club promotes sustainable fishing practices with a maximum of five fish eligible for competition points each outing,

Our historic records of fish length to weight measurements means that fish can even be caught, measured and released if you have enough fish in the freezer.

We then have a weigh-in, sausage sizzle and pool for the kids to swim in on Sunday at 4PM

If you come along for a couple of outings and enjoy it then lets talk membership then. We know you will have a great time!

To confirm you are interested in coming along to the next BBQ just check our facebook page and post us a message or email us at